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In a retail store you only get a few minutes to lie on a mattress while a sales person tries to pressure you. That's not a fun experience.

Buying a mattress really shouldn't be that stressful. Order a Somzi online and take 100 nights to sleep, snuggle and cuddle on it. If you love it, you keep it.

This is the simple and fun way to buy a mattress.

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We've Made Premium Bedding Since 1888

Somzi is a premium mattress brand from American Excelsior Company. They've been manufacturing products in the bedding industry for over 125 years. We used ouur industry expertise to ensure that Somzi is the best foam mattress that is affordable for everyone.

You can sleep soundly knowing that we're not a new startup company, but an experienced industry leader who will continue to make this awesome mattress for a very long time.

Our History

Comfortable for All Sleeping Positions

Somzi mattresses are ideal for all sleeping positions because they are not too soft for back sleepers and not too firm for side sleepers.

If you've tried other foam mattresses and didn't like how soft they were, you'll definitely want to sleep on a Somzi. No other mattress you can buy online has the same level of support as a Somzi.

How Do You Sleep?

Designed To Provide Maximum Support

Whether you're an adult or a child, tall or short, large or small, the Somzi mattress is perfect for you.

Other mattresses have weight limit disclaimers because they are too soft and don't provide enough support.

With a durable support foam layer that is 50% more supportive than other foam mattresses, the Somzi foam mattress will hold up even when your children do handstands on it.

Somzi is Right For You

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Easy Set Up In Just Minutes

The Somzi mattress will arrive via UPS right to your doorstep. Simply remove the mattress from the box, place it on a solid frame or box spring, cut the plastic and watch it expand. It's so easy to set up you'll be sleeping comfortably in no time.

  • Opening the Somzi foam mattress in a box
    Unbox your somzi mattress in the room with your bed
  • Setting up the Somzi mattress
    Use the Somzi opener to carefully cut the outer sleeve
  • Easily set up the Somzi memory foam mattress
    Remove the inner plastic wrap and enjoy your Somzi
Proudly Made in the USA

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