Sleep Talking

Tricks of the Trade

Mattress Tricks of the Trade (and How to Avoid Them) The mattress industry is notorious for sleazy salesmen, false incentives and general trickery to pressure customers into quickly making a purchase (often while thinking they are receiving the deal of...

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Temperature Control

Why we chose our cover? -The cover was a blend of material XX and material YY, we selected this material because we love the look, doesn’t wrinkle, easy to wash and maintain. And it looks great.  Even if your mother-in-law...

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Not just filler

Not Just Filler: The Difference Between Springs, Latex, and Foam With a surge in mattress options, it can be a challenge to understand the difference between all of the different types of beds out there. Truth be told, not every...

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Buying a mattress online

Why should I buy a mattress online? If you’re reading this article, then you are probably thinking about buying a new mattress online. Even though there are a ton of options out there, this may be a new experience for...

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A Closer Look at the Somzi Mattress

A Closer Look at the Somzi Mattress We see a lot of mattress companies making bold statements about their products while offering very little information about why they are actually “the best”. At Somzi, we strongly believe that we’ve created...

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125 Years Experience

Packing 125+ Years of Experience into a Mattress If you’ve watched our video, you know that we boast over 125 years of making mattresses and foam expertise – a far cry from some of our competitors that launched out of...

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