125 Years Experience

Packing 125+ Years of Experience into a Mattress

If you’ve watched our video, you know that we boast over 125 years of making mattresses and foam expertise – a far cry from some of our competitors that launched out of dorm rooms.  With all of that industry experience, you’re likely asking – well why haven’t I heard of Somzi before?

While Somzi is a relatively new brand, it was born from a company called American Excelsior, which was founded in 1888 and creates products that you likely interact with every day. 

American Excelsior may not sound familiar, but there’s a good chance that you’ve purchased something that we’ve made and maybe even slept on one of our beds. We work with leading companies to create American-made products on their behalf, which are white-labeled and then marketed by other brands.

How is Somzi different?

Even though Somzi is a brand new offering, we’ve packed well over a century’s worth of experience into what we believe is the perfect mattress.

In the late 1800s when American Excelsior was first getting started, beds were traditionally filled with materials made from the wood of Aspen trees. Doesn’t sound very comfortable, right?

Year after year, our engineers have kept a close eye on the bedding industry as it has evolved to create more comfortable, supportive and longer lasting beds.

When foam was first invented in the 1960s, we were one of the first companies to jump on this trend, and have been refining and improving our mattresses ever since.

While the Somzi brand may be new, the company that stands behind it is definitely not. This translates to more than a hundred-year track record in honoring warranties, providing customer support and living up to its promises. Not to mention, more experience making high-quality mattresses than most of our competitors, combined.

Interested in learning more about what goes into a Somzi bed? Take a look at our mattress deep-dive for all of the details.

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