A Closer Look at the Somzi Mattress

A Closer Look at the Somzi Mattress

We see a lot of mattress companies making bold statements about their products while offering very little information about why they are actually “the best”. At Somzi, we strongly believe that we’ve created a superior mattress – and we’re proud to back up our claim with data and information about how we make our beds.  

When we set out to design the Somzi mattress we knew that we wouldn’t be able to build a product that people loved unless we had real people to test, feedback, and help us improve. It took a serious effort before we were sure that we had something great: prototype after prototype, multiple focus groups, and a series of blind tests comparing Somzi to competitive mattresses.

By the time that we settled on the combination of materials that make up Somzi, we were scoring high satisfaction marks from over 94% of volunteers participating in a blind study (compared to 70% or below for our competitors).

But what makes Somzi so great?

As with any mattress, the quality of the bed boils down to the materials that are used to create it. Somzi is composed of a signature combination of foam layers that are engineered specifically to relieve pressure, provide optimal comfort and vital support for your entire body. Let’s break these layers down:

  • Premium Cover: We aimed to create a surface that was so soft and attractive that you wouldn’t necessarily want to conceal it with bedding. Of course we don’t expect anyone to actually forgo sheets, but with our unique blend of fabrics we’ve created a cover that is not only soft to the touch, wrinkle-free and easy to maintain – but if someone were to take a peak under the covers, they would be impressed by what they saw.
  • Gel-Swirl Memory Foam (2in): The top layer of the mattress consists of premium memory foam infused with swirls of cooling gel. We wanted to make the layer of foam closest to your body extremely soft so that it would contour to your body, while maintaining an optimum sleeping temperature.
  • Serene® Foam (2in): For the second layer of the Somzi mattress we selected revolutionary Serene® foam, which is composed of microcells precisely engineered to prevent overheating, while providing a gentle resistance that absorbs movement keeping you snug and supported.
  • Durable Support (6in): We constructed Somzi’s base layer to be firm, using foam denser than the industry standard to ensure maximum support for sleepers, while also creating a strong mattress that will be able to last for at least 10 years.

Bringing it all together

While there’s a calculated reason behind each layer, the powerful combination of comfort and support isn’t realized until they are combined to create a Somzi mattress. Unlike some of our competitors that only offer a couple inches of comfort foam, we built Somzi with 4 inches by stacking Gel-Swirl on top of Serene® memory foam. Our goal was to create a bed that was supremely comfortable -- but still able to provide therapeutic support, which is why our base layer accounts for 60% of the bed. Of course, we don’t just expect you to just take our word for it, we offer a 100-night satisfaction garauntee so that you can experience it for yourself.

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