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Why we chose our cover?

-The cover was a blend of material XX and material YY, we selected this material because we love the look, doesn’t wrinkle, easy to wash and maintain. And it looks great.

 Even if your mother-in-law peeked under the sheets, she would see a great mattress.

The texture of the is soft and comfortable. The cover is so comfortable that you might not even feel like you need sheets.

Polyester, accrelle

Three different layers in the cover : 98% poly, 2 spandex

Middle: 100% polyester

Bottom: 77% poly, 23 Acrelle (Acrylle)

Blend of safe to touch and feel, passed the OEK textiles test, stretchability to adaquetley cover the mattress so that its easy to get on and off, and have a clean look the day that you open it.

These materials are breathable, reducing the likelood of sleeping

What are the different layers of our mattress?

Layer 1: (Gel Swirl Memory Foam)Memory foam gel swirl. Memory foam has been great at back support while still providing comfort and relieving pressure points, but it typically sleeps warmer than other materials. By swirling gel into this material we reduce retaining heat. 

We chose this is a top layer to keep you cool but give you the benefits of memory foam which are X,Y,Z. 

Layer 2: Serene Layer— The benefits of the serene layer. The space between the foam is so much smaller, actually called microcell walls, air takes longer to fill up because. Acts like a coil or a shock absorber. Doesn’t get hot, provides comfort. 

Specialty memory foam that has microcells. Traps air, causing it to slowly come back / acts like mini shock absorbers. Stays cool bcause traps air and act like shock absorbers to help provide support while providing support. Innovative new materials that has a chemical composition that prevent the layer preventing the bed from retaining excess heat.

Layer 3:

 Support layer. 1.8 lb foam, which is industry standard to keep

We chose a firmer variation for our base layer that gives you extra support. The reason that we chose added support on the bottom was to reserve the comfort material for the top of the mattress, but still ensure that there was garauntteed level of support.

How do these come together to be meaningful?

Extra comfort foam than most of the competition this works because we’ve added an extra base layer to make sure that you get the support that you.

The research that was done:

Blind tests with competitors mattress, and different versions of ours. Approval rate exceeded 90%. A blind set of volunteers. A few versions of our bed. Disguised the beds. They rated based upon a scale of 1 to 10. Average for competitors bed was in the 70%. Our first version was this, final version was a 94%.

With our first version we were mirroring a lot of memory foam beds to have a similar feel to existing products – When we set out  4hthe mattress warranting spring, to mattress to, all foam – some were to soft some were too firm, some slept hot – we did several focus groups – our goal was to hear from real people to know what they needed to get a perfect’s night sleep.

We listened to our sample group, and found that there was a demand for support. In the end, our aim was to build a mattress that had the most appealing level of comfort and firmness for the broadest group of people. We wanted it to be soft and supportive.

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